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How a Former European Basketballer Closed $75m+ — Kyle Visser, MI

March 19, 2024 Matt Muscat
The Neighborhood Realtor
How a Former European Basketballer Closed $75m+ — Kyle Visser, MI
Show Notes

This episode is different! Kyle Visser and I first met 7 years ago when he was first getting into real estate. I have watched him grow from a new agent to the top agent in the West MI market, and one of the top agents in really any market! He has big production and similarly brands himself as the big guy. Kyle Visser is a Realtor who has rewritten the rulebook on building relationships and strategic branding in the hyper competitive world of real estate. Prepare for a whirlwind tour from Kyle's accidental stumble into real estate greatness to his top-secret (not anymore!) Visser Report that's been turning heads and opening wallets.

Starting off, we explore Kyle's journey from European basketballer to newbie top Realtor, complete with missteps and “aha” moments.

But how does Kyle mix business with, well, more business? By 05:47, you'll get the scoop on his unique blend of sources that keep clients knocking on his door, begging for a piece of the action. And if you've ever wondered how a report could become the talk of the town, wait till you hear about the infamous Visser Report at 06:15 – it's like the Oprah’s Book Club of real estate marketing.

At 08:10, we break down the sacred mantra of consistency in marketing – a strategy so effective, it could probably sell ice to Eskimos. Fast forward to 09:45, and Kyle shares his new ventures into property flipping and opening a brokerage.

By 28:16, Kyle dishes out advice for new realtors. And finally, at 31:22, we tackle the game-changing strategy of hiring and delegating, because let's face it, even superheroes need a sidekick.

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