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Social Media’ing Your Way to $75m in Business — Chris Perry Washington DC

January 17, 2023 Matt Muscat
Social Media’ing Your Way to $75m in Business — Chris Perry Washington DC
The Neighborhood Realtor
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The Neighborhood Realtor
Social Media’ing Your Way to $75m in Business — Chris Perry Washington DC
Jan 17, 2023
Matt Muscat

Double the guest count, double the value. In this episode Matt chats with Washington DC area Realtor turned social media influencer Chris Perry who closed over $20m and 50+ units in 2022 off of strategic and focused social media. He is joined by Michigan based lender Mallory Strotheide who has consistently used social media to stay top of mind with her existing friend list, and who has leveraged social to help her business grow to over $50,000,000 in annual production. They discuss strategies for time blocking social media, how to create content, apps to use, as well as how to add calls to action that actually work.

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The Neighborhood Realtor is proudly sponsored by Treadstone Funding and Neighborhood Loans. For more tangible tips in real estate marketing, check out Matt's book, The Tangible Action Guide for Real Estate Marketing available on Amazon. 

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Double the guest count, double the value. In this episode Matt chats with Washington DC area Realtor turned social media influencer Chris Perry who closed over $20m and 50+ units in 2022 off of strategic and focused social media. He is joined by Michigan based lender Mallory Strotheide who has consistently used social media to stay top of mind with her existing friend list, and who has leveraged social to help her business grow to over $50,000,000 in annual production. They discuss strategies for time blocking social media, how to create content, apps to use, as well as how to add calls to action that actually work.

Find Chris on social media:

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The Neighborhood Realtor is proudly sponsored by Treadstone Funding and Neighborhood Loans. For more tangible tips in real estate marketing, check out Matt's book, The Tangible Action Guide for Real Estate Marketing available on Amazon. 

Matt M.           00:00:00:03     Welcome to the Neighborhood Realtor podcast. With me, your host, Matt Muscat. This is a podcast for real estate industry professionals who are doers. Each episode will feature an interview with a top producer or someone who is doing things differently in an exciting way. For those who already know me or have read my books or blogs, my brand of marketing is tangible and repeatable.

Matt M.           00:00:19:11     Because smart salespeople don't need to reinvent the wheel. My promise to you is that in each episode you'll leave with one tangible idea that you can take to the bank.

Matt M.           00:00:28:21     Hey, everybody. Super excited for the show today. Not only do I have one top producer, I have two, which means more value for everybody listening. I got to make a new friend last week. That's the power of social media, the power of connections. So my good friend and colleague Mallory Stroh, who I have known for 12 years, we hang out, our kids hang out.

Matt M.           00:00:47:00     She's one of the top female loan officers in the state of Michigan. She can actually be with her friend and one of her social media mentors, Kris Perry, realtor out of the D.C. area, doing over $20 million a year in sales and a decent amount of units like a serious amount. It's not like $120 million property over there.

Matt M.           00:01:05:23     She's the bomb when it comes to social, Mallory tells it on social. So today we're going to share some of the top things that both of them are doing. Some of them are similar. Some of them are little bit different. But my goal is that everybody today has a we've this episode with a better understanding of what the possibility is, but also what needs to go into it, because I think social media is that thing where we all have had it since high school, Harrison's college had it since you needed it for work, but none of us strategically use it for real estate.

Matt M.           00:01:34:12     And Chris, now you're a great example of what can happen when you apply strategy and tracking to your social media. So Chris and Mel, welcome to the show today.

Chris P.            00:01:44:08     Thanks for having us.

Mallory S.        00:01:45:17     Thanks for having me. I'm excited.

Matt M.           00:01:47:22     I am, too. So, Kurzman, start with you since I don't know you as well. Give me your your your volume for 22, your units, your volume where you work and kind of your story and how you get into it.

Mallory S.        00:02:02:02     Yeah. So again, thank you for having me. Excited to hopefully bring some value to other realtors that may be listening. So I'm Chris Bury I am license and Maryland, D.C. and Virginia. I did 22 million in sales last year. It's 52 total units. I am a solo agent, so it's just me by myself. It's a whole lot of work.

Matt M.           00:02:25:08     But you're telling me that if I choose to work with you, you're not going to pass me on to a 22 year old buyer's agent?

Mallory S.        00:02:30:06     You're actually. No, you're not. You know, the funny thing is, it's funny that you said that. So a lot of the consults that I have, people are surprised when I call them for whatever reason. People think because I have a following and I do a bunch of units that they're not going to talk to me. So when they actually talk to me on the phone, they're pretty shocked sometimes, which is shocking to me.

Mallory S.        00:02:52:05     But it's exciting. So you have 52 units, 22 million total. I already have about 13 million on the books for this year.

Matt M.           00:03:01:17     So I'm to this year, man.

Mallory S.        00:03:04:07     How is that possible?

Matt M.           00:03:05:07     We're nineties and you have 30 million on the books.

Mallory S.        00:03:07:20     Yeah, we'll have a $10 million deal that was supposed to close in December that's now pushed into this year.

Matt M.           00:03:13:03     So that's.

Mallory S.        00:03:14:09     Exciting. That's exciting. So and then along with the new construction that I have and everything, it's about 30 million on the books right now. So it's exciting.

Matt M.           00:03:23:10     It's going to be a good year.

Mallory S.        00:03:25:10     It should be. I think it's going to be a good year and I think the market is going to pick back up as well. I'm sure Malory can talk a little bit more about that, but I'm excited. It's going to be a good year this year.

Matt M.           00:03:35:07     So I made the joke when we were talking before I hit the record button and I was like, Oh, you're in the D.C. area. You became a realtor. What did you do first? And I jokes that you were probably in the CIA and you were probably going to cut this out because the government's not going to want all the secrets spilled on the on our marketing podcast here.

Matt M.           00:03:51:14     But you would you worked for the government in defense like what was the how did the how the heck did you end up from there into producing realtor and social media personality?

Mallory S.        00:04:00:09     Yeah. So when I was in college, I actually interned for an agent smaller agency called the Office of Naval Intelligence. So I work mostly in Navy and sales. So all of the cool stuff that you do see on TV that stuff that I personally didn't do, but I was the one hiring those, those people. So I was hire something like that.

Mallory S.        00:04:23:15     Yes. So the intelligence specialists and weapons and systems engineers, those were the folks that were much, much smarter than I am. But those are the ones that I got to hire. So it was pretty cool. When I was working for the government, I was a recruiter, so I got to go all over the country and do job fairs where I was helping.

Mallory S.        00:04:43:14     A lot of times either veterans or people right out of college get jobs in intelligence, which was really, really cool. So I loved what I did. It just wasn't the thing that set my soul on fire. That makes sense. I knew that being an entrepreneur works for me since I was 14, I've had various businesses. It's funny, on Christmas, I was joking with my family, with my mom and my dad, and I asked them, when was the last time I asked them for money?

Mallory S.        00:05:15:09     And they said, We can't remember. You were probably really, really small because I used to work for all the money that I had. My first job was I had a car detailing business and the way that I got that business. Good segway into real estate. I doorknocked. So I doorknocked my neighborhood and I had a business, a business book, spiral notebook.

Mallory S.        00:05:37:24     I think I still have it in my parents house somewhere, but I had a Rolodex of about 250 clients at 14 years old because I doorknocked. So I've just been I've been all about business getting it my way since I was young and great segway, I think, into real estate. And I was working for the government as a recruiter.

Mallory S.        00:06:00:06     I knew that it wasn't what I wanted to do forever. So decided to get my real estate license. I sold my first house and that's what I wanted to do. Two years later, I quit and I've been doing this whole time since I.

Matt M.           00:06:13:01     Want to do Social media is really where the bulk of your business comes from now. But it wasn't always like that. But one thing that you said that really struck me was that in your job as a recruiter, it was your job to make people as comfortable as possible with you as quickly as possible. And I feel that is really what social media has in essence, helps you do your real estate career.

Matt M.           00:06:37:14     So walk me through your strategy on social and how the comfort factor has really helped you to attract people.

Mallory S.        00:06:45:21     Yeah, so there's I'm very strategic in everything that I do, especially when it comes to social media. So the reason that I'm in t shirts and I don't super dress up all the time is because that can be intimidating for some people. Some people already look at realtors like we're a used car salesman. We have a lot of times we have very bad reputations in the world.

Mallory S.        00:07:09:18     They they think that realtors are only here for the money. We're snake oil salesman. We're just trying to get them to buy the first house that they see. And I want to help change that in that I'm just like this a lot of times. And my clients are very they're very comfortable. And I want to break down that barrier that real estate is an attainable for everyone.

Mallory S.        00:07:30:06     So I dress like them, I look like them, I talk like them. So that then kind of lowers their guard quite a bit and so that way I can easily convey the information to them. Whatever particular topic that I'm speaking about. You look at a lot of realtors, and while it's not a bad thing, a lot of them, if you're in a suit every day and I'm not a professional, that may not resonate with me, but the person that maybe has on a t shirt.

Mallory S.        00:07:58:08     But but they know what they're talking about. And I see that they're selling a lot. Well, he seems really nice. He seems cool. Let me reach out to him. Maybe I'll like him and maybe he can help me get in a home where maybe I didn't think I could at first.

Matt M.           00:08:12:03     Yeah, well, I mean, in essence, like, you're just being real. Like you're a real estate agents. I'm not sure if, like, someone made that joke, like, 100 years ago, but in essence, like, when you're real, you're being your true self and people don't have to kind of figure out the work you the personally like you're you're the same person.

Matt M.           00:08:28:09     They're consistent. Yeah, you love that.

Mallory S.        00:08:31:13     I would say the biggest compliment that anyone gives me and I get this quite a bit and it still is amazing when I hear this, but when people first talk to me on a console because it's all about converting people. So I jump on the phone with everyone. And the biggest compliment they give me is, Wow, Chris, I feel like I already know you.

Mallory S.        00:08:50:00     That's a huge compliment and that shows in my confidence working. That's what I want. I want people to feel like they know me already before they start working.

Matt M.           00:08:57:14     I love that. So, Mary, I know you have been on social since as long as Since as long as I've known you. What is you did? You did over $50 million in sales last year, and a decent part of your business comes out of social, but yours comes in a different way. So Chris gets a lot of his social media business by attracting new people through Instagram reels, Facebook, etc..

Matt M.           00:09:22:01     Ticktock, a lot of your business comes from staying gauged with the people that you already know and doing repeat and referral business with them. So slightly different, but still the same amount of effort and strategy goes into it. So walk me through kind of how your business has changed since you started kind of going a lot deeper on social?

Chris P.            00:09:42:22     Yeah, Yeah. So I think I remember talking to you about it like probably five years ago now where I was like, Hey, I want to really dive into social media and get more business from it because I have all these friends on Facebook and Instagram and I should be utilizing it and capitalizing on it. So really it was being more active.

Chris P.            00:10:01:03     It started off with Facebook. I've done my mortgage minutes for years now, at least five years every Monday, pick a target, pick a topic, do a video on it and keep it to a minute long. And I wasn't very strategic and strict with it in the beginning, and I would have people messaging me like, Hey, you didn't post your video today.

Chris P.            00:10:19:06     Where's your video? I missed your video. And so it made me see people like consistency and people are watching and so that was kind of the same way. And it was my mortgage minute. And then from there, you know, obviously I'm a mom, I've got children, I'm a working mom. There's a lot of people that are in my sphere that I work with that also have that.

Chris P.            00:10:36:10     And I think we have our own little special group like women's support group, I would say. And so those people, you know, is posting a lot of that content. It's not just putting posting work.

Matt M.           00:10:47:06     Well, absolutely. I think because you're right there because like, I think you're doing something so crucial. So people people need to know you for more than one thing. I mean, for a firm believer on that, right, Like people like there's a million realtors out there, like Chris, your realtor, who cares? There's there's literally 2 million of you in the country that can not be the most exciting thing about you unless you're Ryan Sarhan in New York and like, you're on TV, right?

Matt M.           00:11:11:01     And even then, I'm sure he wants to be known for something else, too. Mallory Like that, your mom stuff, you go to your family, you post about the community all the time. And when people think of you, they think of all of those things and mortgages and real estate. So it helps you become more memorable in their minds because they can think of you for more than just one thing.

Matt M.           00:11:30:09     Like Chris, the casual, the real realtor who gets real with his clients. And you can still remember that actually, like we all become known for these things. So it's really important, even though we're on this podcast, talk about business strategy and social media, it's really important to make sure that there is some personal flair there. Like people need to get to know the real you and know what you're into because it's going to it's really just going to strengthen it like I think on social, a rising tide raises all ships.

Matt M.           00:11:56:22     Like as long as you're not a weirdo and your post is being super controversial or that you might get those weirdo clients. I don't know if you want that or not.

Mallory S.        00:12:03:02     Yeah.

Matt M.           00:12:03:23     These are not like a total terrible person. Everything you do is going to help your business post as well.

Mallory S.        00:12:09:17     So.

Matt M.           00:12:10:18     Right.

Mallory S.        00:12:11:10     So let me push back on that. Yeah.

Matt M.           00:12:13:00     Okay.

Mallory S.        00:12:14:07     So the great thing and first off, I have to take what you just said. I have to make a T-shirt that the real realtor that gets real with this client. I like that he came up with that off the top of your head. I love it. So here's the thing about social media, though. There is a lane for everyone.

Mallory S.        00:12:32:17     You can be the biggest weirdo ever. And if you're true to yourself, there are millions of weirdos out there. I mean, everyone's idea of being a little bit a weirdo is subjective anyway. Yeah. So there's a lane for everybody, especially on TikTok. There is a love for everyone.

Matt M.           00:12:51:20     So what you're like, why on TikTok?

Chris P.            00:12:54:02     On success?

Mallory S.        00:12:55:08     There is a cookie, there's a community for everyone, so be yourself. Authenticity is, in my opinion, the number one thing when it comes to social media.

Matt M.           00:13:04:12     And what's crazy is that I feel like most people I'm trying to think of the politically correct way to say this. Like most people show a very vanilla version of themselves on social media because they're afraid of of going of being their true selves. And when you when you do that, like, you strip away everything that made you interesting out there, like you need a little controversy, you need a little edge, you need a little bit of like the what's the weird thing that you're into that like is super rich?

Mallory S.        00:13:33:23     Everyone needs a little. Andrew Tate Yeah, right. People go on there just a tiny bit. Yeah. All right.

Matt M.           00:13:40:01     My last really champion.

Chris P.            00:13:42:02     Story.

Matt M.           00:13:42:13     That took off, for God's sake.

Chris P.            00:13:45:00     That was awesome. We we've talked about that before, too, though, about like, that's why we don't do like, I have a business page on Facebook for my business, but like, it's you know, my business comes off my personal page and it's because people work with me because they want to work with me. The mom, the mortgage mom on that.

Chris P.            00:14:02:03     I feel like a mother, the parent, the person that you know is involved in the community and that it volunteers at their kid's school and goes to, you know, the events of the community. Like they don't want them to see somebody who's, like you said, Chris, in a suit and tie. You know, they don't want to work with somebody like that who's only posting about their business.

Chris P.            00:14:18:05     So, yeah, I think that was huge to me. And going back on the social media like we had talked about, I add all of my clients to social media and make sure that I am, you know, congratulating on the birthdays and staying up to date on what's going on in their lives.

Matt M.           00:14:30:22     By the way, let me pause you again right there, because people listen to the show to actually go do something. So if you're not in the car right now, stop and write this down. Go to your CRM list of all your past clients, your friends or leads, etc., and schedule a couple hours in your calendar to add them on social know.

Matt M.           00:14:46:20     Pick your favorite site if you go to their Facebook and they haven't used Facebook in three years, don't waste your time. Jump to Instagram, see if they're there. Jump to Tik Tok, see if they're there. That could be the most valuable thing that you do all year because you're already sending the mail, you're already sending them email that's probably go into their spam folder.

Matt M.           00:15:04:14     So if you simply take a couple of seconds to add them wherever they are, it's kind of like The Little Mermaid, like you want to be where the people are. I could see it, but I'd embarrass myself. But you need to figure out I love it and that will help you stay top of mind. So honestly, that's probably the million dollar idea from the ad, your clients, your leads, your peeps Being so on social media, the one of your choice that's a great this week activity.

Matt M.           00:15:28:03     But then secondly, you guys engage with them. You don't just post it and hope you look to see what they're doing and then you engage with them on that. And then that spurs what messages, all kinds of other stuff.

Matt M.           00:15:38:05     And now a message from our sponsors. The neighborhood realtor is made possible by the generous support of Treadstone funding and Neighborhood Alliance with locations all over the US neighborhood Loans believes in doing mortgages better, faster, smarter, and creating personal relationships with their clients and realtors.

Matt M.           00:15:57:03     So Chris, you you track your numbers on social better than anyone that I've yet talked to. Walk me through your non-negotiables right now on social and what what specific tracking you can see from that like lead wise conversion rate. Tell us everything because I think people need to hear it from an agent that's actually doing it in order to in order to realize that they should be doing it like today.

Mallory S.        00:16:21:24     Yeah. So I definitely track my numbers. I'm very anal about my numbers for a few different reasons. Number one, that's how you know, that's how you can track if you want to hit a certain amount of sales every year. On social media, how can you know how to get there if you don't know your numbers? It's surprises and almost scares me.

Mallory S.        00:16:43:20     How many realtors don't know their numbers at all, let alone their social media numbers. So that's very important to me. And then also to I have brands that are approaching me now and they want to know my numbers. So you have to give them your numbers if they want to do a campaign with you. And I'm a brand and I'm going to pay you thousands of dollars to promote my product and to help me make content.

Mallory S.        00:17:10:11     So that will then convert and help my company make money. Well, you better know how many people that are watching your stuff, how many followers are getting, how what's your conversion rate? You have to know that. So because these companies want to know that. So me personally, my non-negotiables every day I record every day. Now hear me on this.

Mallory S.        00:17:33:09     You do not have to record every day. That's just how I personally do it. It works best for me that way, but recording doesn't take very long. The real that I did this morning and I was just talking on a background and it was about how Blackstone and these other companies are putting aside about $118 billion to buy more single family home rentals.

Mallory S.        00:17:57:02     That video took me 2 minutes to record and edit sells, making short form video reels. Tiktoks. They don't take very long for me because I do it every day and it's part of my life. I do it every morning, typically around 830 ish. I record every morning and then I put it out every day at 9 a.m.. And I do that because people will start to look forward to and know your schedule.

Mallory S.        00:18:27:02     When I go on my lives, I typically ask this question I get most people know this, but I ask people what time do I post every day and know that probably 100 people will say 9 a.m. because they know that and they look forward to it. So I record about 830 every morning and I post at 9 a.m. and that typically will post a second time around 6 p.m..

Mallory S.        00:18:48:15     And that's what I've seen. You know that those numbers helped me grow when it comes to conversion rate, I convert about 35. You didn't.

Matt M.           00:18:58:08     You didn't say how many leads you're getting yet you forgot that.

Mallory S.        00:19:00:10     Four oh leads. So I get typically minimum of five new leads a week from social media and I typically will convert about 35% of those leads.

Matt M.           00:19:12:00     So think of this as like for everyone listening out there like his numbers really add up and they really make sense. So a minimum of five a week, 52 weeks a year, that's 200 and 250 leads a year. You take 30% of that. You know, he's closing 20 to 20 plus million dollars year in sales. Those numbers really add up.

Matt M.           00:19:29:21     But he knows that when he posts one video a day, that's kind of the minimum, the bare minimum to get the five leads. What did you say earlier that you're upping that to right now because you want more leads?

Mallory S.        00:19:39:12     Yeah, 2 to 3 a day.

Matt M.           00:19:41:05     So now you're doing 2 to 3 day. We're hoping to get closer to 10 to 15 leads, 10 to 15 leads per week. Mark But it's just scale, right? Like if you track your numbers, you have the ability to ramp that up and down. And that control is what turns us from more of like a just a random dude who sells houses to you actually have a business that's scalable that you can predict, right?

Matt M.           00:20:02:13     I love that. So your conversion rate, you said was around 30, 30%.

Mallory S.        00:20:06:08     It's about 30 up to 35, about 32 to 33%.

Matt M.           00:20:12:15     What what I what I really want you to elaborate on is your main call to action. So you're not just like in the video like like you're not just putting videos out and hoping that people call you or reach out to you and your videos all are going all around the country, but your how are you directing a lot of those videos towards your local area?

Matt M.           00:20:30:24     And then what is the call to action that people are getting?

Mallory S.        00:20:33:24     Yeah, so every video that I put, every post that I put out, let alone video, but every post that I post at the end of the caption, it always says that the link in my bio, if you are looking to buy, sell or invest in DC, Maryland or Virginia, and people actually do read captions and everybody doesn't read the whole caption, the people will read your captions typically, and if they keep seeing that, then they know that it's a safe place to actually reach out, put some time on my calendar, it's completely free and it's 30 minutes.

Mallory S.        00:21:08:24     So when you put it that way, you make people feel comfortable and then you essentially ask for the sale or you direct them to how they can get in contact with you. Everyone's not going to, but a lot of people do. That's where I see a lot of people that don't get it right, where they don't have a call to action.

Mallory S.        00:21:27:06     And as weird as it may sound to people that don't understand, you know, human psychology, but you have to and I go back actually where I got this from was Steve Jobs. And when he was talking about the iPhone, he was saying that people essentially don't know that they need this, but I'm going to tell them that they need this.

Mallory S.        00:21:47:19     Human psychology says you have to tell people what they need or what they should do. So if you are giving a call to action and they're constantly saying this call to action every day, I may not be ready to buy right now, but six months from now I may be. And if I keep seeing this and Chris is telling me how I can get a contact with him, then when the time is right, I'll reach out and people do that.

Matt M.           00:22:11:01     Giving people the tools and the education ahead of time so they know what to do when it is the right time. Is the day like 5 to 7% of people are buying houses every year. But if you can educate them throughout the process and stay top of mind like Mallory's is doing like you're doing, it makes it a lot easier for them to reach out when the time is right.

Matt M.           00:22:28:20     I mean, the skill set in real estate for years, I mean, people send out a mail or in an old lady keeps it on her fridge for ten years until calls you the same thing applies to social, but it's cheap and free to do it. It's just a little bit of your time.

Mallory S.        00:22:40:24     Which I like. And the reason that is so much better than sending out mailers and it's just my opinion, every single person, so 40, almost 47,000 followers on Instagram, almost 22,000 on TikTok. Think about it this way, and I say this all the time. To my mentees, it is not just about that person following you. Every single person that follows you has a sphere of influence as well too.

Mallory S.        00:23:04:18     And if they share your and they have followers themselves. So every single person I read a study, I think it said every person knows, either knows or indirectly knows about 10,000 people or something. It was something like that is a very large amount of people. So you'd be surprised how many people that I get to reach out to me that they don't follow me, but their daughter does, their nephew does, their best friend does, They don't follow me.

Mallory S.        00:23:31:07     They don't maybe even have social media. But giving a sample, I had a seller client and this was an $800,000 sale that I end up having. It was one of my followers who I never talked to before, but she told her mom about her mom and her dad about me. Sold their house. It was 800,000. Never met the girl before.

Mallory S.        00:23:53:08     I still don't really know who she is, but she told her parents about me because she saw my content all the time. So it's not just about that person following you. Every single person has a sphere of influence too, and that then is the power of social media.

Matt M.           00:24:07:15     It's huge. It's social media is basically sales of the same button. I mean, like how many times 25 years, years ago did you go to a party? I mean, I guess like 20 years ago for all of us, like we were at the eighth grade dance, which would have been kind of fun. Yeah.

Mallory S.        00:24:21:03     Yeah. Well, then probably first grade, but yeah.

Matt M.           00:24:26:04     But realistically, if you meet someone, they're cool. You either get their phone number or you never talk to them again. But with social media, we can meet. We can have fun on this call. Today we had each other on social. And then tomorrow I see that our kids are the same age. The next day we talk about wine, the next day we talk about music.

Matt M.           00:24:41:23     And now all of a sudden we're friends based on more than real estate. And then you're top of mind because I'm seeing your stuff all the time. I mean, there's nothing no other marketing platform in the world as powerful social for that. And that's why you're like, So the question isn't like, when is social media going to be over?

Matt M.           00:24:57:12     It's what's next. And every couple of years, something comes out and there's usually an advantage to at least trying it, which I love.

Mallory S.        00:25:04:08     Yeah, it's not going anywhere. It's only getting bigger, it's more pervasive, it's not going.

Matt M.           00:25:09:08     Anywhere. It's not. It really can't. So guys like give me some closing remarks like, Mallory, what's coming up for you? What are you doing next? Obviously, you've been on social for your whole career, but you've been really, really killing it on there for the last couple of years. What what are you doing in 2023 to ensure that to ensure that it's a bigger part of your business?

Chris P.            00:25:29:09     Yeah. So I am definitely trying to step up my game with that. So, you know, I haven't had Chris try to help me with that, mentor me and I've been doing a real AJ and using some different apps to try and actually create more static posts.

Matt M.           00:25:45:10     So more what are some of those apps that are using that other people could check out?

Chris P.            00:25:49:14     I just started using Canva. Is that what you used to Chris to create some of your Canva?

Mallory S.        00:25:54:12     AMA is amazing.

Chris P.            00:25:56:08     Yeah.

Mallory S.        00:25:57:01     Amazing.

Chris P.            00:25:58:07     It is. I, I was like, There's got to be a way that I can do the same thing that these other people are doing. And I was like, Oh, Canva. And so I went on there and I played around with that. This is I mean, it doesn't take long and it looks super clean, super professional. And yeah, the posts, I mean, I've had a really great insider information interaction with them with those quotes.

Chris P.            00:26:19:14     I mean, I think that's just what people want to see. And the carousel posts are really big, right? Chris The ones where you I mean, those are coming. I've been adding some more of those and I'm working on those. So which you on a carousel post horses man I'm sure you do this or the marketing or Yeah that's big in Canva you can do all of that on there and you can have your brand even even have your logo, You can have your brand on there.

Chris P.            00:26:38:08     You can have the color scheme that you want. And so I didn't really utilize that. And I think for me it's just staying consistent and doing more of what I'm already doing, but just trying to spend some more time actually direct messaging my past clients on there. I could do a little bit better job of that to stay top of mind, especially on Facebook, because I know that's how all of them works with that and making sure that you stay at the top of their feed and then yeah, just continuing to keep those systems in place and be consistent with my videos and do them at the same time every day.

Chris P.            00:27:09:16     So I've been a little bit sporadic with my emails, but I'm trying to post the same time every day now.

Matt M.           00:27:14:18     Because consistency is your big message for Chris. Tell me couple of yours now and before you get into what you're doing new in 23, walk me through most of your leads, like they're actually captured through calendar. Could you elaborate on that?

Mallory S.        00:27:29:23     Yeah. And calendar, he needs to sponsor me. They should sponsor this podcast because I've made them a lot of money now. So people, any time that they want to get in contact with me, they click the link in my bio. The first link there is to my calendar, the great thing about that spots that particular service. I know there's other companies that do this as well too, but I like the calendar.

Mallory S.        00:27:53:11     It is real time, so it is connected to my Google calendar. So any time that I have say a listen appointment and I block 30 minutes to an hour off on my actual calendar calendar, Lee won't let anything come in that place too. So it's like my real time calendar, which is amazing. And people can go in there and it's super easy to do and it's similar.

Mallory S.        00:28:17:17     It's kind of like a CRM in that it logs all of that. You have their phone number, their email, and then a lot of times people put their social media handles there as well too. So I can track all of that just like a Kroger. Well, so calendar is amazing. I definitely recommend any and every one to have some kind of calendar link on their page because again, you can tell people to go, Most people are not going to message you, especially when you have a following.

Mallory S.        00:28:48:02     And I don't have the biggest following, but some people may be intimidated by someone that has, you know, tens of thousands of followers and think that I can't reach out directly to them. But if they see that I can get on this calendar, that's a lot easier for people than to just message me.

Matt M.           00:29:02:13     Directly, which shows that shows them that you're accessible.

Mallory S.        00:29:05:16     Right? Very much so. Yeah.

Matt M.           00:29:06:16     It shows them like you too, are doing like $80 million in combined real estate here. But anyone listening to this show can go on your Instagram bios, click on your calendar and get actual time with you. And I think that's.

Chris P.            00:29:18:02     Know, that's only for my realtor appointments as well. So I'll send it over and be like, Hey, yeah, let me know when you want to get coffee. Here's my calendar.

Matt M.           00:29:26:12     And it puts nice, it shows that you're open and it also puts it all in there for All right, Chris, anything else that you're doing big in 23?

Mallory S.        00:29:33:21     Yeah, so I'm actually shifting a bit. So taking Instagram and TikTok to the next level. And now YouTube is my thing as well, too. YouTube is the biggest search engine in the world, so I'm throwing my hat in that ring now to grow that as well. So just really take in concepts in the next level. Doing more teaching as well.

Mallory S.        00:29:54:09     I'll be in Michigan with Mallory in February to teach as well on how to build a business through social media. So that's really the biggest thing. I'm at this point now trying to coach more because everyone can have a lane and a way to make a bunch of money and make a bunch of impact. It's more than just the money, but make real impact through social media.

Mallory S.        00:30:16:18     So that's that's where I'm going now.

Matt M.           00:30:19:00     I like that. You could also add, like the real impacts to the shirt that you design based on what we said, like real estate, real impact.

Mallory S.        00:30:26:07     I love it. I love it. So a.

Chris P.            00:30:28:20     Big.

Matt M.           00:30:30:12     You'll get more of my bad jokes when you come to Michigan. So I'm super excited.

Mallory S.        00:30:34:06     Those are are actually going to still these.

Matt M.           00:30:37:05     Same Mallory for any of the realtors listening who are actually in the Michigan Midwest area, can you tell us about the event that you're having with Chris?

Chris P.            00:30:46:08     Yeah, so we're super excited. Chris is going to be doing a social media workshop on February 1st at Cascade Country Club here in Grand Rapids, West Michigan area. It's going to be from like 1001 10 to 130, I believe is the time frame that we have locked out for him. And so he's going to be doing a lot of interactive teaching.

Chris P.            00:31:08:04     So not just standing up in front of a PowerPoint, it's going to be a lot of, hey, pull your phone out. Let's do a real let's do a TikTok, Let's dive into this. Hey, here's an idea. I have everybody shoot this. It's going to be a lot of small group. I know there's can be a lot of Q&A and a lot of live examples, which is why I'm really excited about it.

Chris P.            00:31:26:01     So I think for anybody who has been afraid to dive into social media or just hasn't tried it because they're so overwhelmed with starting, which I think is most people's barrier is like, Hey, I don't know what I'm doing, so I'm just not going to do it right. I'm just going to use Facebook, I'm just going to email or what I've always done.

Chris P.            00:31:44:16     I think it's going to be really helpful because like Chris said, social media is not going away and there's such another stream of business that you can get from that. So yeah, I'm really excited. I think I miss Chris. I know, I know. You've got all kinds of tricks up your sleeve for us, so.

Mallory S.        00:31:59:14     Yeah, it's going to be fun. It's going to be a whole lot of fun. It's going to be very, very interactive. I'm excited for it.

Matt M.           00:32:05:05     So our newest place is limited because it's a super boozy old country club from 100 years ago. So if you're a realtor to his name and you want to get into it, most of you guys have my information, my Instagram, it's Matt must get 88 on my Instagram, you can find Mallory, Strathclyde, Chris Perry. All of us are very easy to find.

Matt M.           00:32:21:21     We are not secret agents here. One of us up. We can get you an invite to the event before it sells out. It's free for agents to go to, but space is limited, so hit us up for more information on that. And guys, thank you so much for the show today for being on the show. Thanks for having.

Chris P.            00:32:35:07     Us, Matt.

Mallory S.        00:32:35:21     Thanks for having me.

Matt M.           00:32:37:02     Thanks for listening. And a huge thank you to our sponsors, Neighborhood Loans and TREADSTONE Mortgage. With offices around the U.S., their loan officers offer a realtor center focus personal communication from real humans, plus on time closings that frankly are faster than most of the mortgage companies want to be connected to a great Ello message. Meet your host for more information and I will connect you with a loan officer in your neighborhood.

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