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Realtor Recession Proofing: Automate Less, and Double Your Business — Stefanie Lugo, AZ

July 12, 2022 Matt Muscat
The Neighborhood Realtor
Realtor Recession Proofing: Automate Less, and Double Your Business — Stefanie Lugo, AZ
Show Notes

On this episode of Marketing in Other Markets, Matt Muscat talks to Stefanie Lugo, a Real Estate Agent in Phoenix, AZ.

Stefanie works with her husband Bryce, as a husband/wife powerhouse duo, and have built their real estate business to $18 million in 9 years in business.

One main thing powers their business: Empathy.

The modern Realtor has become comfortably snug in the perks of their business living in the cloud; email, Zoom calls, and e-signed documents unintentionally distance Realtors from their clients. Stefanie finds that empathy and relationships have allowed her to build their business, paired with her passions, friendships, and more.

Empathy can take on a variety of forms, but for Stefanie, it’s friendships.

Showing up and being present is the best thing you can do as a real estate agent! Knock on doors, dine with clients and partners, and make friends. You will build a business (and relationships) you are proud to have. Closing should be the start of your relationship with a client.

Stefanie employs a range of other techniques and ideas that play into her strategy of operating with extreme empathy to win over clients. Social media, bonuses for high-end clients, and more! In the end, invest in your current and past clients—not new clients. Inverting the sales funnel is one of the most important things a realtor can do to build a sustainable business. There is immense value in narrowing your search for new clients (or stopping it altogether).

Through this, Stefanie’s business is one she is immensely proud of.

Stefanie continues the relationship and friendship-building online, just as much as she does in-person. On Facebook and Instagram, she’s constantly engaged in conversions on her friends’ & followers’ posts, while she purposely creates less content to post to her feeds. From her perspective, the relationships for realtors are better suited for comments and direct messages than news feeds. Cut the boring real estate talk and focus on the people!

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